After Eschaton

Otiros Goodmans Great Adventure - Part 1 - Chapter 27

Get busy movin' or get busy Dyin'

Honor? Bravery? Things that get ya dead if you chase em.

I ‘woke’ in a large room surrounded by strangers, Dunno if i could really call it waking up though, it just ‘was’. That’s all i know, but that doesn’t matter does it. All that matters is I got outta there.

Not sure what happened to the others. Musta been around 10 of us. But me, the Teifling, and the Orc, we made it. Damn elf could of too, but they’re always trying to be mysterious , running off doing there own thing. Individuality has no place in surviving. Damn vain Elves.

The spaces didn’t seem to make sense, doors where there shouldn’t be doors, walls where there shouldn’t be walls. But we kept moving, Kept opening doors, jumping gaps. Climbing them stairs. The Orc was quite but when we needed his help, he pulled his weight. Maybe he’s too dumb for words, never met an orc though. I’ll keep my eye on him, that teifling too, he seems trustworthy but he has alotta words. My ol gaffer always said ‘A man with too many words is a man without enough thought.’

The place scared me, scared me right to the bone. But there’s rarely time for Fear, you get busy moving or you get busy dying. I know my choice. But the others? Did they make theirs?



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