After Eschaton

Terin and the Quest for the River

The Last Blackblood Part VII

It was a challenge of bravery between Be’loth and I. I think we were even seeing who had the louder war cry. Of course I one this challenge. The fight on the other hand, maybe no so much.

It was a messy fight, I got caught off guard and tackled into the spillage of an oil barrel. It was like wrestling with eels. I clambered through the Unknowing and the Order, trying to land hits where I could, until finally, I kicked off one of them and sent myself sliding into the wall. I was up and ready as soon as possible.

I was tackled down by a member of the order and gave him an brutal elbow to the face. I left up to see a fierce bear standing over me, I swung my axe and duck it in to it’s shoulder. It was then I realised it was the wee Elf child. I forgot she was a shape shifting elf devil. I leapt back from her retaliation and apologised swiftly.

I had no time to do much else as water slammed into us all. I stood my ground with my Dwarven stubbornness. I made my way to the nearest rope, up there were a few of my comrades and some scaled dragon elf, an Unknowing if I had to guess. I borrowed her rope and the Content Not Found: null childs’ bow and fired a roped arrow to Be’loth. The fool got himself stuck in the water. I tried to pull him up but the oil, Ghorbash was more than helpful.

The Guild in the middle, cast some sort of freezing spell on the water which saved then from being washed away when the fire wall died down. I climbed down overly excited to meet these guild knights. I knocked on the glass and attempted with my Dwarven charm to make friends. I helped then dig out. Then the questions came, so I ask question… That’s when he told me about the River… The River of Magic. I knew, deep down that this was the kind of wanderlust that drew my from home, although I can no remember it, I know this was what I was looking for.

So off we went, following the Guild Knights back to their castle…and what a castle. I think if I were to ever settle, this could be the place…but me settle, I do no see that happening whilst I can still adventure. Argk! I will probably have some kids just to carry me around when I can no longer move myself.

What will Terin Blackblood be up to in his next adventure…



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