After Eschaton

Terin and the Strangeland

The Last Blackblood: Volume III

The Wind caller had all but ended the scuffle and now as my group regathered, there was a strange sound in the distance. I climbed the caravan to get a better view and I saw a tree just pop out of existence. I called out but like usual, no one but Content Not Found: soveriegn_ heard me. The wee lass may be the only one of them with wits enough to survive.
I had no time for those that would not heed a warning call from a fellow companion. I gathered my gear and set off with the Gnome. The mute Tiefling, the spiked lady of blue, caught on quick enough, she may also stand a chance. The child (_Content Not Found: null
) tagged along too, then the Orc, Ghorbash. Be’Loth and the other Tiefling were separated.
Outside the town we came to a grassy hill. I felt a little comfort in the curves of the land, similarly to when a man lay in the curves of a woman, so does a Hill Dwarf feel in the Knolls of the Earth. There was a metal plate that seemed to save us, well not all of us, The Spiked Lassy and the other Tiefling floated off into the darkness below us when the world began vanished, just eroding away. The disc glowed when I stood on it and we were engulfed in it’s light.

We found ourselves in the same room again, where this begun. The Tieflings where back, but they had lost all memory, falling into the abyss seemed to reset the memory loss. This place was not the same as last time, the doors lead to new places, the one that read Surface lead to a large room full of rations. I suggested we rest, I was no tired but I felt that it would be good to prepare myself for what may be coming. Be’Loth and the silly Tiefling snuck off whilst we sleep, The Spiked Lassy, watched over us while we rested.

When we awoke and regathered we explored some more, finding what I can only explain as as the slaughtering grounds of a small battle. I found Dwarves among the dead and prayed for them. I prayed that they had gone at their time and not earlier. I gathered a healers pack, damaged but still usable and a couple of hand axes from my brethren that no longer needed them. Ghorbash and I unearthed a grate, but we did not enter for The Spiked Lassy collapsed a wall on herself, it was a shame that she maimed her leg.
We found a man, human, crucified to a wall, behind which they knocked a hole in the wall to get out side only to find a maze of roofs. I’m starting to think there is nothing here but mazes and tricks. I gave up on logging a map, I can remember, but no maps seem helpful in this place.
We found a map of where we believed to be. Then we found a giant hand statue, similar to those statues in the town, the Tinker and his “friends”. The orc found some burning wheat that made its hand move and opened a secret tunnel. We dived into the tunnel of unknown like fools, clambering over each other as we slid down into the dark not know what awaited us. With a crash I came sliding on my face into a large underground cavern.

Two words just repeated in my head, “The Pit, The Pit, The Pit…”, like a horrifying heart beat, the sound of drums beating from the dark. This was The Pit, a place all Dwarves feared. I felt I knew this place all to well, the whispers of stories, the kind that keep you up at night, the tale of digging too deep and I, Terin Blackblood, now stood in this Pit.
Three Bridges, three stairs and two pipes. The one pipe we came down the other was a sloppy muck, looking as though it washed water out into the Pit. I tried to convince the Party to go to the Subway from here but they had no idea what they were doing, they were following the suggestions of a child, suggestions that were then reinforced by an Orc. Fools.
They marched up a staircase that had no mind of Dwarves when it was carved. We stopped by a small area where they found themselves another clue, another series of pointless notes about pointless nonsense.
Finally we came to large iron gates, ones that vented air into the tunnel and on the other side, another light in darkness. Perhaps this party of fools may listen to a Dwarf next time about travelling under ground instead of an Elf child. No. No they won’t. I fear I am doom, for my companions seem to be sheep, sheep walking in endless circles hoping to solve some great mystery, as if all this were a game. I do no care about where I am, I care about where my name ends up, my biggest concern right now is, Will anyone remember me and more importantly…will they remember my name? Terin Blackblood, last of the blood line, last of his clan, memorialized in legend…. with this party, I do no see that coming to fruition.

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Probably Silver Card Worthy

Terin and the Strangeland

@Jack Thank you. I would be okay with a copper card I think, I mean Silver is great but I don’t want to be greedy.

Terin and the Strangeland

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