After Eschaton

Terin in The Unknowing Warren

The Last Blackblood Part V

The Order, pompous fools. They had no interest in letting us in. After resting I set about to head to the subway, but that annoying elf Content Not Found: null, going on about the wind. She looks like a wee lady and it might be harsh to say, but I think she was born with a broken mind, acting so childish. Her and the mute went back to try and get in again. Gakh, a waste I say. Stupid child always wanting to find the surface.

At least Nix has some sense about her. We went back to the Pit, that dreaded hole. I didn’t let my lack of comfort show as we past by that hollow abyss. Up the stairs towards the Subway we went.

I was startled by a glimpse of a Minotaur. Aye, a Minotaur. On further investigation we found that it was a statue, not only that, it seemed to be a curse statue. Twas a man’s body, but with the head of a cow. The statues continued up the stairway. The second one had more human eyes, and the further up we went the more human they became. It was an eerie walk, I felt the hair at the back of my neck raise. I couldn’t help but relate these statues to the ones in that town, the ones of the Tinker and the mercenaries. What if these ones came alive? Be’Loth caught up to us here. Startling us as he got startled by the statues. It was nice to see he came to his senses.

At the top of the stairs we found an odd pressure plate trap system. We had no clues as to how to cross it, but it was no too far to the other side. So I ran for it. I made it across unharmed. I still do no know how I made. Perhaps Kelemvor was watching over me.

I followed the path off whilst the others investigated the trap and tried to cross. I found my self in the warren of the unknowing. I blended in, no one saw me out of place. I found a mushroom stall and haggled for some fungus that we Dwarves call (Insert a name here later) Then the others arrived, having navigated the trap system. We found a bar that had smoking facilities. I fired up some of that fungus and everything was so intense after that.

I found a Gnome who gave me the idea of selling the fungus. So I made a deal with him and the mushroom dealer. I was on my way to go find some shrooms. I was pointed towards the ropes past the meat district. Bumping into Be’Loth we found the meat tents and those pitching their adventures into the labyrinth above. All garbage if you ask me. And it was now that the fellow beside me pointed out the ropes to me. I was off, but quickly halted with the appearance of Nix and an old woman.

I think I asked this woman too many questions, the answer swirling in my brain like water down a drain. This place truly is an island of confusion. Somewhere above that labyrinth, is the surface, somewhere there is a way back. One day I will get my answers I want, but for now, I have the mushrooms of this world to entertain me.

Terin Blackblood will return after a brief interval in Terin in The Unknowing Warren II



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