After Eschaton

Terin in The Unknowing Warren II

The Last Blackblood Part VI

Argk! It’s sooo cold. Aye, I was froze on that metal disc. Once the ice was no longer a problem we came to realise that we were stuck in that black abyss that keeps swallowing this dreamish worlds with the child.

It was then that the black torn. And from no where came a large Space Worm. On it’s back were four bug people. Aye, I was on no mushrooms, they were bug people alright. It began to circle us, I made a leap for it’s back as one of the bug people lept at us. I used his to spur myself forward, pushing off him in mid flight.

Landing on the worm, I experienced the worst luck I’ve ever had. I could no hit the bug man not dodge his attacks. I remember the Content Not Found: null, well now a bear, leaping over, but another hit and I was down.

The next thing I knew, we were back in the first room. We healed up and rested. On we went. Rooms and such, until we heard a battle. My blood ran hot and I got all excited. A battle!
The Elf Child, stubborn like a dull mule went off on her own, the Mute followed her. I convinced Be’loth to come to the fight by calling him a coward. We came out on to a cat walk and behold the battle.

The Unknowing flooded in from one end and the order were at the other end. In the middle there was a group of well geared Knights. The one in the middle, he musta been their leader, cast some sort of spell that created a ring of fire around them. It was fantastic. I grinned at this magnificent display of magic.

I headed to the end of the catwalk to find a way down. There we found a bag, a much better suit bag than this heavy back pack. There was no way down though, so I threw down a rope and we climbed into the Unknowing corner. I cut off the end of my rope and put my hand axes in my new bag. The old bag went to the corner to grab later. Then into the battle i went.

The Story continues in Terin and the Quest for the River



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