After Eschaton

The Last Blackblood I

This is the account of Terin Blackblood.

(Spelling and grammar mistakes are mostly intentional)

I found miself standing in an odd room, with irregular feeling. I was not the only one, others were in the same way.

There was a Cleric looking fellow, by the name of Be’loth, he was a kind man, we seemed to connect very well. Then there was the ever happy Gnome Bard, Nix, I took a liking to this wee gal. There was a Barbarian, he did no speak, but he did have himself some nice axes. They be needing a tidy up, a polish and a sharpen, and maybe a lesson or two on oiling his weapons, but ya canna blame an orc, especially a barbarian orc, for not caring for their weapons.

Then there was that mute Tiefling, she seemed helpful and nice enough, but I canna trust a Tiefling. And that child elf. So rude she be. I’ve never seen a young elf before…nor do I care to again. This one is trouble enough. There was a second Tiefling too, a boastful and grandiose fellow. Was not much for conversing about hangovers. And then there was a halfling…I think, I canna be sure about that.

The room had two doors, one readin surface and the other readin water treatment. Miself, Nix and Balouf went through the water treatment door and then mute and the child followed. We found some notes about minotaurs and a luve letter. They seemed to be from the same person. What it was all about I do no care. We also found some teeth. There was an incident with a window, suggesting that we are under water. I felt okay believing I was beneath the ground, but I do no like water so much. We encountered a few pieces of graffiti on the walls in white paint.

We found a funny compass that would not point true North. I made a map of the rooms of where we had been, then we carried on. We found a stair case leading to an odd door, once we opened it we saw what seemed to be a light at the end of darkness. I felt as if this was it, the end, that I had come to meet my fate and my God was waiting for me. I had not fulfilled my wishes and goals in life, this was saddening, but I felt a comfort knowing my time had come, as Death is a part of life.

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