After Eschaton

The Last Blackblood II

The Last Black Blood II: The Tinker

I found miself standing in a room. A child’s room. The Elf child seemed right at home with the toy blocks in the corner. Nix, the wee rascal, found a poem and performed it for us. Twas a great performance. I peak outside to see an natural Forest on the other side of the door. We set to leave but I had asked the group to wait whilst I prepared my shield, in doing so I touched the Mute’s shoulder and small crystal spikes torn through her robe and scratched my gauntlet. This lass seems to have some interesting qualities. I do no trust her, but I do have wee interest in her.

The room seemed to be behind a door that stood alone in the forest. It seemed to take the interest of Be’Loth and that purple fool. I have no time for magical doors. We tried to make on, but the door held the party up, so I went exploring in the forest and found that the further I went, the less the forest existed. I had agreed with the Elf Child that the forest was not natural, but I had no expected this. It seemed to spook the others a little, rushing back to the path, leaving Be’Loth and miself wondering about the forest. We returned to the party and continued on.

We came to a town, it wasn’t a real town, like the forest, it’s edges were no complete. There was something about the stones in the town. The Mute tried to damage the wall with a stone, I felt an unbearable sadness at this act. She angered me with this, although there was justice when she hurt her hands with a shovel, Kelemvor must have felt my sadness and righted the wrong.

I wandered up to the town centre where I meet Be’Loth. The stones here, even the dried fountain, had the same effect on me. Although there were five status surrounding a sixth at the end of the town. The five appeared to be a bunch of superstitious mercenaries and the sixth seemed to be an unwelcomed Tinker. There was something not right about them. I studied them for a while, one had a book that looked interesting. Then one of them moved their hand. It seemed as if the statues were alive somehow.

The Purple Fool caught up with us here. I have no idea where he came from. I did no have time to find out.

Be’Loth and the Purple Tiefling did something with some orbs in the burnt house on the corner of the town square. The fountain that had been dry now flowed with water. I made mi way around to the statues to find them alive. The mercenaries were trying to capture the Tinker, who refused to see the magistrate.

The mercenaries move on the TInker. I tried to calm the situation but the thugs had no interest in a calm situation, this was made worse by others in our party. I respect the law but something seemed amiss. I defended miself, but only attacked in retaliation, I can no say the same for the others. Prehaps these fools deserved a little of what they got though.

The tinker threaten to bring the wind, but he only brought a wee draft. “My farts have more wind than that” I exclaimed. The guards lost to the wind, my party thrown a bit by it, but all calmed and we were left in the town with the Tinker…

Terin’s story will be continued in Terin and the Strangeland



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