tall frostbitten humanoid aberration


tall frost tiefling, with pale blue hued skin and black eyes.


I awoke.

In the room with me are several strangers.

They claim to know me.

It is possible, I cannot recall anything before waking.

We traveled into the next room.

Claiming fatigue they rested for what seemed like 8 hours.

I took the watch.

Two of the group went exploring.

After resting the group decided to continue exploring, without waiting for the others to return.

The two others caught up to us in the next room.

I examined a pipe, it was made of soft iron.

The next room contained many corpses.

While trying to move some rubble I injured my leg.

This floor contained no additional mysteries we could solve so we moved up stairs.

In a side room of a narrow corridor we found a corpse.

We explored further up stairs and found another corridor.

Further up stairs we found a crude map, it provided no insight.

One of the group expressed an interest in the other side of a wall.

We broke the wall down to find a strange outdoor area.

The sky was wrong.

We went back indoors, and returned to the unexplored corridor, and explored into an overgrown room.

After a short while the large orc appeared to solve a puzzle and opened up a pathway to a large pipe.

We traveled into the pipe.

At the end of the pipe we found a large seemingly bottomless pit surrounded by 3 staircases.

We traveled up on staircase and found a small habitation.

Further up the stairs we found a large door.

The door was opened into a black void with a light in the distance, it is clearly magical but examination revealed no trace of magical energy.

We examined a vent at length.

After tarrying behind a while I resigned to entering the portal.

I awoke in a caravan.

After a short search I found two useful items among the packs, the rest of the treasures glowed brightly with magical energy but with no application I could devise.

Looking around the caravan was traveling through a farmland.

Two strangers were talking at the front of the caravan.

After a short while a small burst of fire ignited the surrounding fields, awakening several lesser fire elementals.

The group easily destroyed them.

The environment began to fade.

After a quick search I located a strange platform.

The others indicated that it would remain after everything else faded and that it would transport us back to the ruin.

To activate the pedestal a lit grain stem was required.

After much panicked manoeuvring we managed to get the pedestal lit and we were returned to the door.

The door had changed.

We attempted to see thought the door and discovered others in the ruins.

They seem hostile.


After Eschaton Shroo