Some things you should know before diving in.

1.) This is a low combat campaign

2.) I recommend players take a little of everything rather then putting full points into one area at the expense of everything else. You will find yourself useless for long periods of time.

3.) This is a high-concept campaign with a serious tone, your character should reflect that, do not make a comedy oriented character

4.) This game will use the point buy system which you may calculate Here.

5.) You have 27 points to spend, this is counted before racial modifiers. You can find extra information on page 13 of the Player Handbook.

6.) There are 9 playable races and at this time I am not allowing double ups! To reserve a race make a character, ie: Terin Blackblood

7.) The first phase of the campaign is a mystery, everything is a clue, though it will be presented in metaphor.


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