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Name Summary Effects on Weapons Effects on_Armor Weight Modifier  Cost Modifier Armor Check penalty modifier Rarity
Aligned Crystal A type of crystal that is especially easy to move telepathically.
Aqueous Slipskin Alchemically treated leather formed from the skin of aquatic creatures, aqueous slipskin has water simply run off it with no friction or resistance.
Brysten Glass Weapons are not typically made of glass due to its fragility unless somehow alchemically or magically treated, yet brysten glass focusing on increasing its damage instead of its durability. This results in a powerful weapon but one which is in constant danger of breaking.
Ceramite A fire resistant clay ceramic which has been hardened and augmented through alchemical means, ceramite is a potent defense against fire, and a potent destroyer of fire-based creatures. Up 1 dice category against creatures with the keyword: Fire Fire Resistance X.7  X 1.6 Uncommon
Conjetium More commonly known as blood steel or “demon rust”, Conjetium is most easily recognized for it’s signature red sheen and the odd, sharp smell that accompanies it. Counts as Silvered, Magical and adamantine Energy Resistance X1.2 X 4.0 Rare
Dark Iron Iron from the depths of the world, forged by the duergar in their war against the surface. Up 1 dice category against creatures with the keyword: Dwarf X1.5 X 1.2 Very Rare
Dark Platinum Pitch black with a smooth matte surface, dark platinum is completely indestructible to mortal means. Up 1 dice category against creatures without the keyword:Deity  Immune to damage from non divine sources. X 5.0 X ∞ Artifact 
Darklight Crafted out of the depleted remains of radioactive materials (or rarely, sometimes still radioactive materials), darklight items are very heavy and very dense. Up 1 dice category. - 10 to initiative.After 2 encounters suffer 1 point of exhaustion  +4 AC.
Speed reduced by 10 for every point of strength under 25
X 2.5 X 2 +5 Legendary
Dead Iron It is said that when Cold Iron is prepared within zones devoid of magic, such as in an antimagic field, with proper care the cold iron’s connection to the mystical realm deadens further, resulting in a dangerous bane against all things magical. Up 1 dice category against creatures with the keyword: Construct (counts as Adamantine), Fey All spells cast 1 level higher with no benefit Advantage on saves against magical attacksAll spells cast 1 level higher with no benefit  X 1.5 X 2 Rare
Deadwood Deadwood, as it was called, is the unliving flora which grows in the quieter parts of the negative energy plane, drawing energy from the victims which perish there. On Killing Blow, gain 1 Hit dieKill once per day or loose 1 Hit die +2 AC vs Creatures wih Keyword: Plants  X .8 X 1.2 Uncommon
Deisteel Deisteel is an extremely rare and mighty material, it is extremely hard, light and packs a powerful punch. It is said that deisteel is an alloy of two now lost materials. Up one die catagory +2 AC X.9 X 5 Legendary 
Drowsilk Originally crafted by the drow, drowsilk items are light, durable, and flexible. They do for leather and cloth items what mithral does for metal, and a bit more. Up 1 die category+2 Initiative, Bows, crossbows only.Disadvantage on attacked under sunlight Stealth 5.2 AC in low light X .6 X 1.7 Rare
Drystone Drystone appears to be normal sandstone, if unusual dry in appearance at all times. It is actually made from compressed dust of dryness and fused by heat. It loses its usual water-absorbing and releasing qualities during the process, but becomes extremely waterproof and anhydrous to all liquids. Up 1 die category against creatures with the keywords: Water Elemental 

Bludgeoning only. 
Duskwood Forests are duplicated by the shadow plane as well, and it is from there that duskwood is found and harvested. 10% chance to ignore AC & Do Proff roll extra damage.
Does not effect “natural Armor” 
Half Damage in sunlight 
Advantage on Stealth.
AC halved under sunlight
Radiant Vulnerability.
X 1.1 X 1.8 uncommon
Dwarvenbeard Dwarvenbeard is (supposedly) the woven beards of hard-working and powerful dwarves. The thick hairs have the strength of iron, the flexibility of cloth, and the smell of beer. Up 1 die category+2 Initiative, Bows, crossbows only. Hardens unless saturated in strong alcohols each day Poison Resistance  X 2.0 X 2.1 Very Rare
Emberwood Bred to survive any heat, emberwood burns but never exhausts itself. Can be set alight without damaging itself.  Can be set alight without damaging itself. X 1.1 X 1.4 Rare
Empyrean Jade Empyrean Jade is a very rare material highly resembling regular jade, it is however harder than steel and possess powerful magic properties. Cast A spell at a Higher level for free, once per day. Any more then that risks cracking the weapon
Any weapon acts as Focus
Resistant to anti-magic fields X 1.9 X 2.3 Legendary
Ensorcelled Aurum Ensorcelled Aurum is a material said to have been created to sate the desire of a greedy king who wanted his magic armor made of pure gold and be more effective than steel. Damage is considered Force rather then Slashing/bludgeoning/
piercing. If target is immune to Force, damage is considered Radiant 
Advantage on saves against magical effects. 
Damage from magical projectiles reduced by prof bonus 
X 3.1 X4 Very Rare
Flexsteel A highly curious material of Idylean conception, flexsteel is extremely hard and light yet as flexible as clothes.
Flintsteel Flintsteel items cause sparks when they strike a surface, igniting flammable materials and sending a distracting spray into the eyes of your opponents. On Crit: Target is set alight, for 1d4 rounds taking 1d6 Fire Damage at the start of each turn. Non-reach melee attacker takes 1fire damage from sparks. X 1.1 X 1.2 Uncommon
Geometrium In the vast planes of law amidst metal gears and living machines lies a strange material not quite matter and not quite energy. Always does Average Damage, rounded down Always takes average damage, rounded up X 1.9 X 1.3 Very Rare
Gossamer A strong, resilient, fire-resistant fabric. Gossamer comes in two grades: thin and heavy. Cannot be formed into a useful weapon. +1 AC. 
Fire Resistance
Considered Clothing  
X .5 X 1.4 Uncommon
Gravsteel While normal magnets use electromagnetics to push or pull materials, gravsteel uses gravitational energy to affect other objects. On hit: Target has disadvantage of strength & Dexterity checks. Reacton: Cast Feather Fall 1d6 x 1/2 weight, re-roll each dawn. X 1.5 Rare
Hardlight Found on the Quasi-Elemental Plane of Radiance, this “solid” material shines like the sun. Items made out of hardlight can fall into a highly compressed form and unfold with a simple motion. On Critical Hit: Blind target for 1d4 rounds, DC 15
Bright light for 20 feet
Dim light for 40 feet 
Damage Resistance Necrotic.  X .4  X 2.2  Disadvantage on Stealth Very rare
Ichorous Black Steel A fantastically powerful but volatile material, named after it black color and it roiling core.
Deadly: Roll weapon damage a 2nd time, dealing force Damage Volatile: On a 1, weapon explodes, dealing 10d10+30 to 5 squares around you.  
Invisible Steel Invisible Steel is an extremely useful material, although its name is misleading because it is neither steel nor is it truly invisible.
Kelp Reed Kelp Reed is a wood-like substance that is ideal for underwater adventures.
Kinesicrystal A psionic crystal associated with psychokinesis, a kinesicrystal weapon or armor reacts with elemental energies and begins to produce, or resist, the energies they are exposed to.
Meteoric Iron Iron from a meteorite that radiates heat naturally, and is infused with otherworldly properties.
Mundiron A form of iron completely fixed in the mundane, and formed through an unknown alloy of cold iron, dead iron, and material from the supposed transmundane plane, this material cannot be enhanced. And yet it proves unusually strong in the hands of the mundane, as if it is more real than the rest of reality.
Netherack In the depths of certain underworlds, netherack burns brightly illuminating the lightless caves of the dead.
Neutralite An acid resistant alchemical material which has been solidified into a solid whole, neutralite is a potent defense against acidity, and a potent destroyer of earth-based creatures.
Neutralium By the great spire in the outlands which robs the powers of even the gods, smaller crystaline spires grow naturally at its base. The powers of the universe meet and cancel each other out, leaving a crystal composed of raw neutrality.
Nighthide Created from the bodies of creatures of the night, it is magically processed to awaken its essence, the ability to cloak oneself in the darkness, fear, and power of night.
Obsidian Obsidian is a glassy black material known for its incredible sharpness, tending itself to slashing and piercing weapons.
Ocanthus Named for the planar layer it hails from, ocanthus is a black shard of ice which has been alchemically stabilized and forged into a weapon. Its nature makes it dangerously sharp, but extremely fragile.
Onyx This lusterous black stone seems to darken the air around it and vibrate with a terrible energy. It is best used for weapon and armor for necromancers due to the resonance it has for necromantic energies.
Ooze Encasement
Orichalcum A legendary metal alloy from ancient times, capable of absorbing, deflecting and enhancing the flow of magic.
Oxidium Rust is the worst enemy of any metal blade, and the fear of the humble rust monster shows that even the most epic of blades can crumble to the ravages of oxidation. With that in mind, most see weapons forged from the unusual material known as oxidium and dismiss them as already ruined, ancient and decayed. However, in spite of its corroded appearance, oxidium proves not only to be a potent resister of rust but capable of inflicting damage upon other metal tools as well.
Paleaves Paleaves are special leaves treated alchemically to become almost as hard as steel while keeping most of it flexibility. Often favored by druid and fey, paleave is used in the construction of some weapons and armor.
Pearl An ideal material for use in aquatic environments.
Prismlight A light absorbing and emitting crystal, prismlight is grown on the edge of the quasi-elemental plane of radiance and mineral.
Proteum A nigh-indestructible metal of extreme hardness and density that catalyzes raw magial power.
Psionis Fiber
Redstone Forged from crimson crystals found deep below, this material conducts electric energy well.
Reinforced Plastic This form of plastic, surprisingly, can be made into useful weapons and armor. Reinforced plastic is a form of toughened plastic that is enhanced by mixing other materials into key areas.
Resistite A electric resistant composite material which has been crafted into a solid whole, resistite is a potent defense against electricity, and a potent destroyer of air-based creatures.
Scorched Iron Scorched iron, unlike normal iron, does not transmit heat well. Yet it has an incredible capacity to store heat and an impossibly high melting point, making it a potent defense against heat and a battery for heat at the same time.
Shadowskin Woven from threads of quasireality torn from the Plane of Shadow, shadowskin is an expensive fabric highly valued by those who stalk in the darkness.
Silver, Alchemically-Inverse When alchemically alloyed with mithral, its flexibility grants increased resistance to physical damage.
Spell Amber When a Living Spell is slain, the residue that is left behind hardens into a material called spell amber.
Spellshocked Wood
Starmetal, Variant Starmetal is very hard and dense material baneful to outsider, it said to have originated from the green comet Alhazarde.
Stygian Ice This extraplanar ice comes from Stygia, the fifth layer of Hell. Infused with the soulless evil of that realm, along with the magical waters of the river Styx, stygian ice is black and constantly crawls with a thin layer of pale blue mist. Stygian ice is much colder than normal ice and freezes the mind much more rapidly than flesh.
Suncryst In the highest mountains and the brightest lights of the upper planes forms suncryst, holy power crystallized in pools of holy water.
Thermatite A cold resistant solidified alchemical substance which has been molded and stabilized into rock, thermatite is a potent defense against cold, and a potent destroyer of water-based creatures.
Thinaun Fiber A form of thinaunCW processed for use in armor, it prevents creatures from having their soul removed, but also prevents travel to the afterlife if the creature perishes.
Thresh Carapace
Thrudstone Thrudstone is a powerful and dense rock which is highly durable and extremely heavy. It is a potent defense against fire and lightning, as well as physical attacks.
Transmudane Steel Transmundane steel is a strange material made from an alloy of mundiron and an unknown highly magical material, it is capable of retaining it magical abilities where it would otherwise be impossible.
Unstable Fabric Counts as clothing Resistance to all energy types. Cannot be worn with armor.  X 1.1
Urukke Steel Urukke Steel, also known as Wootz or Damascus Steel, is a unusually hard high quality steel which keeps its edge. It is notable for its “wavy” texture and dark gray coloration.
Vibrolithe A highly dangerous material embraced by those who like high risk and high reward, vibrolithe is a nearly indestructible metallic substance that always seem to be vibrating in ‘tonal frequencies’.
Vilebone In the deepest depths of Hades the weight of the entire plane and countless souls press upon each other. The souls lost to the Gray Wasting become little more than objects, barely alive, and are crushed into a dense material pseudomatter called Vilebone.
Vitalized Livemetal When living metalMoF, a steel which grows and repairs its own wounds, it taken to the positive energy plane it sometimes soaks in the radiant life force, transforming it into a vibrant living steel known as vitalized livemetal.
Weavebone Pure magic made physical, this mysterious substance is ideal at channeling magical energy, or protecting creatures from magic.
Winter Wolf Pelt The fur of the winter wolf, when carefully treated and removed, keeps a small amount of its powers. Items made of a winter wolf’s pelt are furry or have patches of the soft white fur
Wizardbeard Wizardbeard is a rough and scratchy fabric nevertheless prized for its magical properties. No one is sure if it is literally the woven beards of wizards or not.
Wood, Airbound Known collectively as “Bound Wood”, it is wood which has had a small elemental spirit bound into it. Airbound Wood possesses an air elemental which makes the wood light and swift when swung through the air.
Wood, Earthbound Known collectively as “Bound Wood”, it is wood which has had a small elemental spirit bound into it. Earthbound Wood possesses an earth elemental which makes the wood extremely heavy and dense, capable of massive damage and awesome blows.
Wood, Firebound Known collectively as “Bound Wood”, it is wood which has had a small elemental spirit bound into it. Firebound Wood possesses a fire elemental which keeps the wood burning like a torch and never being consumed.
Wood, Waterbound Known collectively as “Bound Wood”, it is wood which has had a small elemental spirit bound into it. Waterbound Wood possesses a water elemental which makes the wood damp and soaked, good for resisting flames and funneling toxins mixed within.
Wyrmbone Counts as Adamantine
Deals Prof bonus damage on unharmed creatures.
Plus 1 to AC X 1.0 X 1.3 Rare
Wyrmscale Wyrmscales grant benefits based on the dragon it belonged too
Plus half Prof bonus damage in that element. 
Wyrmscales grant resistance based on the dragon it belonged too
Cannot be Frightened unless you took damage this round.
X 0.4 X 1.3 Disadvantage on Diplomacy checks with keyword: Dragonsblood Very Rare.
Ylemwater In the depths of limbo chaotic storms of proto-matter brew. Rarely the chaos of the storm works against itself, forming a stable but eternally brewing maelstrom of matter.


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