After Eschaton

Terin and the Quest for the River
The Last Blackblood Part VII

It was a challenge of bravery between Be’loth and I. I think we were even seeing who had the louder war cry. Of course I one this challenge. The fight on the other hand, maybe no so much.

It was a messy fight, I got caught off guard and tackled into the spillage of an oil barrel. It was like wrestling with eels. I clambered through the Unknowing and the Order, trying to land hits where I could, until finally, I kicked off one of them and sent myself sliding into the wall. I was up and ready as soon as possible.

I was tackled down by a member of the order and gave him an brutal elbow to the face. I left up to see a fierce bear standing over me, I swung my axe and duck it in to it’s shoulder. It was then I realised it was the wee Elf child. I forgot she was a shape shifting elf devil. I leapt back from her retaliation and apologised swiftly.

I had no time to do much else as water slammed into us all. I stood my ground with my Dwarven stubbornness. I made my way to the nearest rope, up there were a few of my comrades and some scaled dragon elf, an Unknowing if I had to guess. I borrowed her rope and the Content Not Found: null childs’ bow and fired a roped arrow to Be’loth. The fool got himself stuck in the water. I tried to pull him up but the oil, Ghorbash was more than helpful.

The Guild in the middle, cast some sort of freezing spell on the water which saved then from being washed away when the fire wall died down. I climbed down overly excited to meet these guild knights. I knocked on the glass and attempted with my Dwarven charm to make friends. I helped then dig out. Then the questions came, so I ask question… That’s when he told me about the River… The River of Magic. I knew, deep down that this was the kind of wanderlust that drew my from home, although I can no remember it, I know this was what I was looking for.

So off we went, following the Guild Knights back to their castle…and what a castle. I think if I were to ever settle, this could be the place…but me settle, I do no see that happening whilst I can still adventure. Argk! I will probably have some kids just to carry me around when I can no longer move myself.

What will Terin Blackblood be up to in his next adventure…

Terin in The Unknowing Warren II
The Last Blackblood Part VI

Argk! It’s sooo cold. Aye, I was froze on that metal disc. Once the ice was no longer a problem we came to realise that we were stuck in that black abyss that keeps swallowing this dreamish worlds with the child.

It was then that the black torn. And from no where came a large Space Worm. On it’s back were four bug people. Aye, I was on no mushrooms, they were bug people alright. It began to circle us, I made a leap for it’s back as one of the bug people lept at us. I used his to spur myself forward, pushing off him in mid flight.

Landing on the worm, I experienced the worst luck I’ve ever had. I could no hit the bug man not dodge his attacks. I remember the Content Not Found: null, well now a bear, leaping over, but another hit and I was down.

The next thing I knew, we were back in the first room. We healed up and rested. On we went. Rooms and such, until we heard a battle. My blood ran hot and I got all excited. A battle!
The Elf Child, stubborn like a dull mule went off on her own, the Mute followed her. I convinced Be’loth to come to the fight by calling him a coward. We came out on to a cat walk and behold the battle.

The Unknowing flooded in from one end and the order were at the other end. In the middle there was a group of well geared Knights. The one in the middle, he musta been their leader, cast some sort of spell that created a ring of fire around them. It was fantastic. I grinned at this magnificent display of magic.

I headed to the end of the catwalk to find a way down. There we found a bag, a much better suit bag than this heavy back pack. There was no way down though, so I threw down a rope and we climbed into the Unknowing corner. I cut off the end of my rope and put my hand axes in my new bag. The old bag went to the corner to grab later. Then into the battle i went.

The Story continues in Terin and the Quest for the River

Terin in The Unknowing Warren
The Last Blackblood Part V

The Order, pompous fools. They had no interest in letting us in. After resting I set about to head to the subway, but that annoying elf Content Not Found: null, going on about the wind. She looks like a wee lady and it might be harsh to say, but I think she was born with a broken mind, acting so childish. Her and the mute went back to try and get in again. Gakh, a waste I say. Stupid child always wanting to find the surface.

At least Nix has some sense about her. We went back to the Pit, that dreaded hole. I didn’t let my lack of comfort show as we past by that hollow abyss. Up the stairs towards the Subway we went.

I was startled by a glimpse of a Minotaur. Aye, a Minotaur. On further investigation we found that it was a statue, not only that, it seemed to be a curse statue. Twas a man’s body, but with the head of a cow. The statues continued up the stairway. The second one had more human eyes, and the further up we went the more human they became. It was an eerie walk, I felt the hair at the back of my neck raise. I couldn’t help but relate these statues to the ones in that town, the ones of the Tinker and the mercenaries. What if these ones came alive? Be’Loth caught up to us here. Startling us as he got startled by the statues. It was nice to see he came to his senses.

At the top of the stairs we found an odd pressure plate trap system. We had no clues as to how to cross it, but it was no too far to the other side. So I ran for it. I made it across unharmed. I still do no know how I made. Perhaps Kelemvor was watching over me.

I followed the path off whilst the others investigated the trap and tried to cross. I found my self in the warren of the unknowing. I blended in, no one saw me out of place. I found a mushroom stall and haggled for some fungus that we Dwarves call (Insert a name here later) Then the others arrived, having navigated the trap system. We found a bar that had smoking facilities. I fired up some of that fungus and everything was so intense after that.

I found a Gnome who gave me the idea of selling the fungus. So I made a deal with him and the mushroom dealer. I was on my way to go find some shrooms. I was pointed towards the ropes past the meat district. Bumping into Be’Loth we found the meat tents and those pitching their adventures into the labyrinth above. All garbage if you ask me. And it was now that the fellow beside me pointed out the ropes to me. I was off, but quickly halted with the appearance of Nix and an old woman.

I think I asked this woman too many questions, the answer swirling in my brain like water down a drain. This place truly is an island of confusion. Somewhere above that labyrinth, is the surface, somewhere there is a way back. One day I will get my answers I want, but for now, I have the mushrooms of this world to entertain me.

Terin Blackblood will return after a brief interval in Terin in The Unknowing Warren II

Diary of a Sarra's Daughter

SQUEAK!!! Squeak… squeak squeak squeak… squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak.
Squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak (squeak squeak squeak squeak) squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak… squeak… squeak squeak squeak squeak.

(ARRGGHH!!! Umm… so I umm.. I seem to be a rodent. I’m not sure how I’m a rodent.
We were all sitting there at the big door and the rude (but fairly interesting people) wouldn’t let us in and all I could think of was that I wanted to be on the other side and that i wanted to be all small so that I could get through the little grate in the wood then i was scuttling through it and… and… now I’m all mouse.)

Terin and the Strangeland Part II
The Last Blackblood: Volume IV Gettin Stranger

Argkh! We found ourselves standing before the large Iron doors. An unsettling feelin growin in mi belly. Somethin about this place, it do no seem right. The group seem to dismiss mi protests about followin an elf, a child at that, when underground. This was no the city. We were still too far under ground. The silly elf, “I feel a draft, it musta be this way.” Garh! She’s lead us straight to another one of those lights. Then the child wants to be climbing in the vents, and yet again, the fools are trying to follow a child. I do no know if there is a brain among the lot of them. I stepped through the thresh hold, muttering a pray in mi head to Kelemvor. It was nice. A warm breeze and the smell of wheat fields. I felt like I was being takin back. Back to my days as a wee lad, playing in the fields, but no, no memories came, just an oddly comfortable feelin. Ah, well, to keep it short, Ghorbash followed into the light and so did Brimstone. Everyone else must have as well, as we found ourselves together in the rear cart of the The Tinker’s carvan.

As far as the eye could see there were wheat fields. They stretched out until they met the blue sky on the horizon. It was a beautiful sight. Although there were no hills, the small waves in the earth were warming to mi soul. I relaxed a little, snugglin into the carts cargo. After a wee sip of ale, I went explorin through the load. I found a handy health potion, as well as some other concoctions that’d make a fine nights entertainment, but alas, I could no afford them, so I left them in the chest. I did however find what I believe to be The Dwarven Helm of Worth. The story of this helmet tickles in the back of mi brain. Garh! Why can I no remember anything? But I do know it’s better to be on mi head than in some Tinkers treasure hold. It may be no good idea to steal from a Tinker, but this here Helm, belongs on a Dwarf’s head. Until I find a more worthy Dwarf, I shall be keeping it safe. Perhaps I will even wearing it into legend, if my party do no hold me down.

I went to see what the others were doing at the front of the carvan. The boy from the town was here, learning somethin from the Tinker. He held a burning wheat shaft, I do no know what happened, but I do know that the wheat caused Fire elementals to rise from the fields after it exploded sending fire into the wheat growths.

Aye, I was hot on Ghorbash’s heals to the first elemental, I managed to deflect a blow meant for Ghorbash and he crushed the elemental with his great axe. Twas a sight. He really is a warrior. We made haste to the other Fire elemental on this side of the road. I cut at it with a hand axe then Ghorbash finished it. I saw Be’loth Muril lying in the field on the other side of the road. He was down with Brimstone trying to help him. I charge across as fast as I could, thankfully the bard used a healing spell on him. The other fire elementals were destroyed on this side, so I patch Be’Loth up and we carried on our way.

Ghorbash was no fun to talk to after the fight. So I went to climb in the cart and took a turn for the worst Gah! I fell face first in the dung of the draw horse. I’ll never live it down. Thankfully Kallista, the kind lass, saved me from further embarrassment helping me in the cart.

Then it happened again, the encroaching darkness. We managed to find another metal plate. It seemed to only glow when the people on it burnt wheat shafts. I decided to tie miself to the plate and jump into the darkness to swing onto the underside of the metal plate. Gorbash grabbed me from behind to come with. So I told him to pick me up and jump in and away went. Swingin back and forth, back and forth. Then finally we attuned with those above in burning the wheat and managed to stay on long enough to return to the Iron doors.

Now the door were different. They were more aged, buckled and rusted. Through a gap we could see it was barred. It did no feel right. Same place, but now the doors were strange. Strange? Now that is a funny thing to say. If everything is strange, does that make it normal? Are we what is strange here. Foreigners that do no hold the values and traditions of this place. Are we what is odd?

There were people on the other side of the door, the first we had encountered. They muttered on about Minotuars and Guilds and Unknowins and other ramblings. They claimed us to be mad, but made no fight to prove their own sanity. They talked of enemies and fighting. All this nonsense. I asked for hospitality and they refused. All I know now, is I do no, and will no trust those so eager to throw us away. They have made themselves unfriendly and I hope they do no push that further or I will make vengeance on their actions.

Terin will Return in Terin in The Unknowing Warren

Terin and the Strangeland
The Last Blackblood: Volume III

The Wind caller had all but ended the scuffle and now as my group regathered, there was a strange sound in the distance. I climbed the caravan to get a better view and I saw a tree just pop out of existence. I called out but like usual, no one but Content Not Found: soveriegn_ heard me. The wee lass may be the only one of them with wits enough to survive.
I had no time for those that would not heed a warning call from a fellow companion. I gathered my gear and set off with the Gnome. The mute Tiefling, the spiked lady of blue, caught on quick enough, she may also stand a chance. The child (_Content Not Found: null
) tagged along too, then the Orc, Ghorbash. Be’Loth and the other Tiefling were separated.
Outside the town we came to a grassy hill. I felt a little comfort in the curves of the land, similarly to when a man lay in the curves of a woman, so does a Hill Dwarf feel in the Knolls of the Earth. There was a metal plate that seemed to save us, well not all of us, The Spiked Lassy and the other Tiefling floated off into the darkness below us when the world began vanished, just eroding away. The disc glowed when I stood on it and we were engulfed in it’s light.

We found ourselves in the same room again, where this begun. The Tieflings where back, but they had lost all memory, falling into the abyss seemed to reset the memory loss. This place was not the same as last time, the doors lead to new places, the one that read Surface lead to a large room full of rations. I suggested we rest, I was no tired but I felt that it would be good to prepare myself for what may be coming. Be’Loth and the silly Tiefling snuck off whilst we sleep, The Spiked Lassy, watched over us while we rested.

When we awoke and regathered we explored some more, finding what I can only explain as as the slaughtering grounds of a small battle. I found Dwarves among the dead and prayed for them. I prayed that they had gone at their time and not earlier. I gathered a healers pack, damaged but still usable and a couple of hand axes from my brethren that no longer needed them. Ghorbash and I unearthed a grate, but we did not enter for The Spiked Lassy collapsed a wall on herself, it was a shame that she maimed her leg.
We found a man, human, crucified to a wall, behind which they knocked a hole in the wall to get out side only to find a maze of roofs. I’m starting to think there is nothing here but mazes and tricks. I gave up on logging a map, I can remember, but no maps seem helpful in this place.
We found a map of where we believed to be. Then we found a giant hand statue, similar to those statues in the town, the Tinker and his “friends”. The orc found some burning wheat that made its hand move and opened a secret tunnel. We dived into the tunnel of unknown like fools, clambering over each other as we slid down into the dark not know what awaited us. With a crash I came sliding on my face into a large underground cavern.

Two words just repeated in my head, “The Pit, The Pit, The Pit…”, like a horrifying heart beat, the sound of drums beating from the dark. This was The Pit, a place all Dwarves feared. I felt I knew this place all to well, the whispers of stories, the kind that keep you up at night, the tale of digging too deep and I, Terin Blackblood, now stood in this Pit.
Three Bridges, three stairs and two pipes. The one pipe we came down the other was a sloppy muck, looking as though it washed water out into the Pit. I tried to convince the Party to go to the Subway from here but they had no idea what they were doing, they were following the suggestions of a child, suggestions that were then reinforced by an Orc. Fools.
They marched up a staircase that had no mind of Dwarves when it was carved. We stopped by a small area where they found themselves another clue, another series of pointless notes about pointless nonsense.
Finally we came to large iron gates, ones that vented air into the tunnel and on the other side, another light in darkness. Perhaps this party of fools may listen to a Dwarf next time about travelling under ground instead of an Elf child. No. No they won’t. I fear I am doom, for my companions seem to be sheep, sheep walking in endless circles hoping to solve some great mystery, as if all this were a game. I do no care about where I am, I care about where my name ends up, my biggest concern right now is, Will anyone remember me and more importantly…will they remember my name? Terin Blackblood, last of the blood line, last of his clan, memorialized in legend…. with this party, I do no see that coming to fruition.

Continue reading Terin’s story in Terin and the Strangeland Part II


The Last Blackblood II
The Last Black Blood II: The Tinker

I found miself standing in a room. A child’s room. The Elf child seemed right at home with the toy blocks in the corner. Nix, the wee rascal, found a poem and performed it for us. Twas a great performance. I peak outside to see an natural Forest on the other side of the door. We set to leave but I had asked the group to wait whilst I prepared my shield, in doing so I touched the Mute’s shoulder and small crystal spikes torn through her robe and scratched my gauntlet. This lass seems to have some interesting qualities. I do no trust her, but I do have wee interest in her.

The room seemed to be behind a door that stood alone in the forest. It seemed to take the interest of Be’Loth and that purple fool. I have no time for magical doors. We tried to make on, but the door held the party up, so I went exploring in the forest and found that the further I went, the less the forest existed. I had agreed with the Elf Child that the forest was not natural, but I had no expected this. It seemed to spook the others a little, rushing back to the path, leaving Be’Loth and miself wondering about the forest. We returned to the party and continued on.

We came to a town, it wasn’t a real town, like the forest, it’s edges were no complete. There was something about the stones in the town. The Mute tried to damage the wall with a stone, I felt an unbearable sadness at this act. She angered me with this, although there was justice when she hurt her hands with a shovel, Kelemvor must have felt my sadness and righted the wrong.

I wandered up to the town centre where I meet Be’Loth. The stones here, even the dried fountain, had the same effect on me. Although there were five status surrounding a sixth at the end of the town. The five appeared to be a bunch of superstitious mercenaries and the sixth seemed to be an unwelcomed Tinker. There was something not right about them. I studied them for a while, one had a book that looked interesting. Then one of them moved their hand. It seemed as if the statues were alive somehow.

The Purple Fool caught up with us here. I have no idea where he came from. I did no have time to find out.

Be’Loth and the Purple Tiefling did something with some orbs in the burnt house on the corner of the town square. The fountain that had been dry now flowed with water. I made mi way around to the statues to find them alive. The mercenaries were trying to capture the Tinker, who refused to see the magistrate.

The mercenaries move on the TInker. I tried to calm the situation but the thugs had no interest in a calm situation, this was made worse by others in our party. I respect the law but something seemed amiss. I defended miself, but only attacked in retaliation, I can no say the same for the others. Prehaps these fools deserved a little of what they got though.

The tinker threaten to bring the wind, but he only brought a wee draft. “My farts have more wind than that” I exclaimed. The guards lost to the wind, my party thrown a bit by it, but all calmed and we were left in the town with the Tinker…

Terin’s story will be continued in Terin and the Strangeland

The Last Blackblood I
This is the account of Terin Blackblood.

(Spelling and grammar mistakes are mostly intentional)

I found miself standing in an odd room, with irregular feeling. I was not the only one, others were in the same way.

There was a Cleric looking fellow, by the name of Be’loth, he was a kind man, we seemed to connect very well. Then there was the ever happy Gnome Bard, Nix, I took a liking to this wee gal. There was a Barbarian, he did no speak, but he did have himself some nice axes. They be needing a tidy up, a polish and a sharpen, and maybe a lesson or two on oiling his weapons, but ya canna blame an orc, especially a barbarian orc, for not caring for their weapons.

Then there was that mute Tiefling, she seemed helpful and nice enough, but I canna trust a Tiefling. And that child elf. So rude she be. I’ve never seen a young elf before…nor do I care to again. This one is trouble enough. There was a second Tiefling too, a boastful and grandiose fellow. Was not much for conversing about hangovers. And then there was a halfling…I think, I canna be sure about that.

The room had two doors, one readin surface and the other readin water treatment. Miself, Nix and Balouf went through the water treatment door and then mute and the child followed. We found some notes about minotaurs and a luve letter. They seemed to be from the same person. What it was all about I do no care. We also found some teeth. There was an incident with a window, suggesting that we are under water. I felt okay believing I was beneath the ground, but I do no like water so much. We encountered a few pieces of graffiti on the walls in white paint.

We found a funny compass that would not point true North. I made a map of the rooms of where we had been, then we carried on. We found a stair case leading to an odd door, once we opened it we saw what seemed to be a light at the end of darkness. I felt as if this was it, the end, that I had come to meet my fate and my God was waiting for me. I had not fulfilled my wishes and goals in life, this was saddening, but I felt a comfort knowing my time had come, as Death is a part of life.

Continue reading about Terin in The Last Blackblood II


Otiros Goodmans Great Adventure - Part 1 - Chapter 27
Get busy movin' or get busy Dyin'

Honor? Bravery? Things that get ya dead if you chase em.

I ‘woke’ in a large room surrounded by strangers, Dunno if i could really call it waking up though, it just ‘was’. That’s all i know, but that doesn’t matter does it. All that matters is I got outta there.

Not sure what happened to the others. Musta been around 10 of us. But me, the Teifling, and the Orc, we made it. Damn elf could of too, but they’re always trying to be mysterious , running off doing there own thing. Individuality has no place in surviving. Damn vain Elves.

The spaces didn’t seem to make sense, doors where there shouldn’t be doors, walls where there shouldn’t be walls. But we kept moving, Kept opening doors, jumping gaps. Climbing them stairs. The Orc was quite but when we needed his help, he pulled his weight. Maybe he’s too dumb for words, never met an orc though. I’ll keep my eye on him, that teifling too, he seems trustworthy but he has alotta words. My ol gaffer always said ‘A man with too many words is a man without enough thought.’

The place scared me, scared me right to the bone. But there’s rarely time for Fear, you get busy moving or you get busy dying. I know my choice. But the others? Did they make theirs?

Game One - A Seed
Game 2 of the campaign

Drama Cards where introduced
Leveling Up The players leveled up
Slow Healing Some players took damage.
Riddles & PoemsThe players found a Poem
The Tinker The Players met the Tinker
The Child The Players met the Child


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