Terin Blackblood

Dwarf Paladin


4’5" of sinew.

A beard of Reddish Brown hair, platted and bearing golden rings, the largest on the thick central plat running down from his chin. This large ring has the symbol of Kalemvor, the god of Death, engraved in it (An upright skeletal hand holding a set of scales). His head is shaven rough, as if he did it himself with the bladed edge of his axe. His nose semi crinkled at the best of times, almost as if all the air he breaths is displeasing to him. Above his grey eyes, a frown casts over his brow, sometimes seen as anger or a grumpy attitude, but mostly it is his wee mind ticking over.

His attire exhibits a dark suite of chain mail, with gauntlets and boots. He does not scream Paladin with his attire in the general fashion, but if one were to pay attention they could see that he was a holy man.

A shield strapped to his pack of goodies, a light hammer in his belt, a water skin made from a bear belly full of ale hanging at his side and a battle-axe never too far from his stubby hands. This is Terin Blackblood.

Terin’s Axe Barku Sharab Amrak


Terin’s Shield

Beard Ring Example:

Kelemvor’s Symbol


Born into the once strong and proud nomad clan of the Blackbloods, Terin, son of Berin, has been wandering the land since he could walk. Travelling from one exciting place to the next, learning how to survive, how to trade and how to kill. His clan was weak when he came into its life and it grew weaker as he grew stronger. Disease, bandit raids, rival tribes and hazardous weather and terrain slowly picked them off until at last there was only Terin.

Terin wandered alone until he came to Amberforge, a small underground town populated by a small cluster of Hill Dwarves. Here Terin stayed, his mind fogging, his will breaking. His faith all but faded. It was here that Kelemvor came to him. It was here that Terin threw away his old beliefs in the false idols that were the Dwarven Gods. This was where Terin decided to devote himself to Kelemvor, God of Death. Thus becoming the Paladin of Amberforge.

Terin began his training as a Paladin, but realised he must venture into the world if he wished for his training to advance and on he went, back into the world he knew best, the life of a wander. With this new live, he decided that he would bring glory to his tribe and restore the honour to the name of the Blackbloods and make sure their name enters Legend.

Although, his path is often meet with obstacles, his largest is himself, not only in reaching his enlightenment in his faith, but with over coming his enamorment with intoxicants, especially ale. Terin also has a habit of picking things up and absently fiddling with them and sometimes accidentally breaking them.

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Terin Blackblood

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