Otiros Goodman

Lightfoot Halfling Rogue


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Who is Otiros Goodman…

As a young Halfling Otiros always wanted to be a great adventurer, like the fabled Famwise Saggins. To climb Mountaints, Fight golbins and most of all, Find treasures! But every time he was about to go on his ‘great adventure’ something would come up, crops to sow, bills to pay, plagues to survive; All that boring stuff.

Before young Otiros knew it, he wasnt young anymore. One day he came too and decided he was done waiting for his chance. Luck wasn’t coming his way anytime soon. But lucks got nothing to do with it when the dice are loaded.

So ask yourselfs, in this cruel world. Is Otiros a criminal or… a Good man?

With this He departed on ‘Otiros’ Great Adventure – Part 1’.

Otiros Goodman

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