Tiefling Diviner


Height: 6’4/190cm

Weight: 200lbs/90kg

Hair: Black long dreadlocks, (Doesn’t-Have-A)-Soul Patch

Eyes: Cyan

Skin: Lilac

Piercings: Numerous rings along elven ears, a single piercing in the right nostril.

Attire: Leather tunic, leather pants, calfskin boots.

Weaponry: A simple dagger, almost always sheathed in his boot.


Symbol of Asmodeus: Father of Tieflings. This symbol is also the sigil that contains the enchanted ink used in Brimstone’s arcane focus, and glows brightly when he casts a spell that requires components, or the cantrip Thaumaturgy. Inked on the right hand.

Third Eye: A watchful eye at the centre of a magical focussing ring. The cantrip of Minor Illusion is focussed using this tattoo, as well as Diviner’s powers such as Portents. Inked on the left arm.

Archmage’s Hand: A stylized hand holding a winged insect, with a vicious stinger. Likely a terrible pun on the inventor of the cantrip this tattoo depicts (Mage Hand), the archmage Bigby.

Surtur’s Sword: The god of fire giant warfare, this flaming sword is the symbol of this raging god’s infernal destruction. Focus of the Firebolt cantrip.

Droplets: A series of burn-scar droplets along the bridge of the nose and under each eye. Linked to the back tattoo.

Bhaal: On his back, the God of Murder is depicted in impeccable detail, with each droplet of blood surrounding Bhaal’s visage, a skull with eyes that burn with murderous intent. To those who have read this far, this tattoo is obscured, and rarely shown; knowledge that Brimstone worships a murderer is not common, nor is his alignment.



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